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Contact our team at Augusta Landscaping and we will schedule for one of our team members to visit your location.

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We will visit your location and talk with you about what you want to achieve and how you want everything to look when completed.

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We will send you an estimate which lays out the cost and available start dates for your new patio Gazebo or Pergola project.

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Pergola Installation

Our team will visit your location and give you an estimate for installing a new Pergola. 


Gazebo Installation

Our team will visit your location and give you an estimate for installing a new Gazebo. 

Gazebos and Pergolas

Gazebos and pergolas are popular outdoor structures that add beauty, function, and value to outdoor spaces. Though they may seem similar at first glance, they serve distinct purposes and offer different benefits.

Both gazebos and pergolas enhance outdoor living spaces by providing structure, shade, and a place to entertain or relax. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs, style preferences, and the functionality desired in an outdoor space.

  • Pergolas add architectural interest and define outdoor spaces without making them feel enclosed. Their open structure blends seamlessly with the outdoors, enhancing the natural beauty of the garden.
  • Gazebos serve as striking garden features, offering an elegant and timeless appeal. They can be customized with ornamental details, such as cupolas, finials, and decorative trim, to complement the surrounding landscape or architectural style of a home.
  • Both gazebos and pergolas traditionally use wood. Wood is a popular choice for gazebos and pergolas, offering a natural, warm appearance. Cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are common choices due to their resistance to rot, decay, and insects. Both usually are installed along with patios.

Differences Between Gazebos and Pergolas

Pergolas: Typically, pergolas have an open roof design made up of cross beams and rafters, which may be left open or covered with fabric or a lattice to provide partial shade. They are usually rectangular or square in shape and have a more open and airy feel, with no built-in floor.

Gazebos: Gazebos are often octagonal or round in shape and have a fully enclosed roof which provides full shade and protection from the elements. They usually include a built-in floor and often feature a raised design.

Benefits of Gazebos and Pergolas

  1. Shelter and Protection: Gazebos offer full coverage from sun, rain, and other weather elements, while pergolas provide partial shade through their slatted roof design. Both allow you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

  2. Defined Outdoor Space: Gazebos create a distinct, enclosed area ideal for dining, relaxation, or hosting events. Pergolas help create a defined outdoor area, perfect for seating, dining, or as a transition between different parts of your garden or yard.

  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: Both structures add visual appeal to your garden or yard. Gazebos bring an elegant, classic look, while pergolas offer a stylish, modern touch that can enhance the overall landscape design.

  4. Privacy: Gazebos provide more privacy with their enclosed structure, making them perfect for intimate gatherings or quiet retreats. Pergolas can offer some privacy, especially when combined with drapes or climbing plants.

  5. Increased Property Value: Adding a gazebo or pergola can boost your property’s value and appeal to potential buyers who appreciate unique outdoor features.

  6. Versatility in Use: Gazebos can be used for various purposes, such as outdoor dining areas, hot tub covers, or outdoor living rooms. Pergolas can be standalone structures or attached to your home to extend living space, offering flexibility in design and function.

  7. Support for Climbing Plants: Pergolas provide an excellent structure for climbing plants and vines, creating a natural, green canopy. Gazebos can also support climbing plants around their structure, adding a touch of nature.

  8. Safe Space for Children and Pets: Both structures offer a sheltered and enclosed space where children and pets can play safely.

  9. Outdoor Entertainment: Both gazebos and pergolas create inviting spaces for outdoor gatherings, whether it’s a casual barbecue or a formal dinner party.

  10. Cost-Effectiveness: Pergolas are often more affordable and easier to install compared to fully enclosed structures like gazebos, providing a cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor space.

  11. Customization Options: Both gazebos and pergolas can be customized in various sizes, styles, and materials to match your home's architecture and your personal preferences.

  12. Longevity and Durability: Made from durable materials like wood, metal, or vinyl, both gazebos and pergolas are built to withstand different weather conditions, ensuring long-term use.

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