Sod Installation Augusta,GA

Sod installation starts with picking the type of sod that will work best for your needs. Common types of sod we can get on a regular basis are Centipede sod, Bermuda sod, Zoysia sod, St. Augustine sod, and Fescue sod. Second, you will need to find a company (Augusta Landscaping) that has the experience needed to complete the work properly.

How Does Augusta Landscaping Install Sod?

The first thing our crew will do is prep the yard for your sod installation. We start off by scalping the existing grass from the desired areas and leveling any slopes or hills (if requested). Our team will then install fresh soil (if need) and then rake the areas so the property is flat before installation.

Now it’s time to install the sod. Sod comes in small squares and some types come in large rolls. Our team can install either type. Installation times vary somewhat, but the thing that surprises most people is that the you can see the small lines after installation. This is natural and the “lines” will disappear quickly as the sod takes root.

Here are several pictures of a sod installation project we did off Walton Way in Augusta,GA. The entire yard was scalped and then the sod was installed.

Taking Care of Sod After Installation

After the sod is laid, it is important to give it the attention and care it deserves. You must water the sod more than normal for the first 30 days. The Augusta Landscaping project supervisor will explain the watering schedule in detail after the installation is complete.

How Do I Get Started?

Please call our office or you can fill out our Estimate form.

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