Poolscaping Augusta, GA


Do you install pools?

We do not install pools themselves, but we do specialize in creating a beautiful oasis to showcase one. We can build a design to fit your existing pool, incorporating plants, hardscaping, and other decorative elements. If you do not currently have a pool, we can still come up with a design to suit your needs for one.

Best plants for poolscaping?

There is a wide variety of plants that can be installed around your pool. We recommend plants with a tropical feel, such as hibiscus, schefflera. For a very low-maintenance option, you could opt to plant cacti and other succulents.

Can the pool water harm plants?

If your pool water is chlorinated, be mindful of splashing around your plants as the chlorine can affect the soil and harm the exterior of the plant. The same is also true for saltwater pools, although the salt is not as toxic. If you accidentally expose your plants to pool water, be sure to immediately flush the area with regular water to prevent damage.

Where can I get started?

Please call our office or you can fill out our Estimate form

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