Patio Installation Augusta, GA

Patios are outdoor living spaces typically adjacent to a house, designed for relaxation, dining, entertaining, and enjoying the outdoors. They serve as extensions of indoor living areas, providing a transition between the interior and exterior of a home. Patios come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, offering homeowners a versatile canvas to create their outdoor sanctuary.

What types of patios do you offer?

We can install a wide variety of patios, including concrete and paved. The color and style selection of pavers is vast and can be utilized to match your personal preference. If you are going for a more simple look, a concrete patio is perfectly functional and sleek. Out patios are built to last for many years of backyard barbeques.

Can you extend my existing patios?

Depending on the type of patio installed, it is very simple to extend your patio. The patio extension can follow any shape you would like and we can expand it to your desired specifications as well. If choosing an extension using pavers, We can also extend the patio with a coordinating walkway or path through your yard.

Paver Patio Longevity and Strength

Paver patios are sealed to increase durability and eliminate debris build up. Because of the sealant, the pavers maintain their strength even after years of wear. The sealant also gives the pavers a shiny appearance.

Where can I get started?

Please call our office or you can fill out our Estimate form

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