Outdoor Fire Pit Installation Augusta, GA


Why should I choose an Outdoor Firepit?

Many of our clients enjoy the feel of sitting by a warm fireplace but there homes are not equipped. As a solution, outdoor firepits can be installed. They are great place to gather with loved ones on a chilly night. You can learn more about firepits here.

Firepit options

Firepits can be customized to your specifications. You may pick the size, style, and color of the blocks. We can also build firepits with retaining wall bench seats for comfort.

Gas vs Wood firepit

When your new firepit is build, you can choose between gas and wood-burning options. We recommend using gas in your firepit as it is the safer method. If you do not have access to a gas line in your yard, the wood-burning firepit option may be more convenient for you.

Where can I get started?

Please call our office or you can fill out our Estimate form

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