Landscape Project Policies

Thank you for choosing Augusta Landscaping for your landscaping project. We value you as a customer and want to bring you the best service possible. We have put together this short list of company policies to help you understand the landscape project process. Please read this entire list of policies in full; as all of the information is important. This is not a legal contract in any way, but an informational packet provided as a courtesy service to our wonderful customers. We look forward to serving you.


Texting - When you receive a text message from us, the texts are being sent to you through our company software and do not go direct to any one Team members phone. Any text sent after 6pm or on the weekends will be answered the next business day. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Landscape design services - We offer 3-D landscape design services - we will be more than happy to incorporate any ideas you might have into the design. If you would like a full 3-D design for a larger project, please let us know and we will make this happen. These services start out at $500. 

Work start - All clients are given a projected work start date for their project. The start dates are finalized only after a deposit is placed with the company. If you wait a month to decide regarding your project, the initial work start date might have been taken by a different client. This is sometimes referred to as “first come, first serve”. Please remember, these are projected work start dates, the actual work start date might vary by 2 or 3 days. This is usually a result of the previous project on the work schedule running over, typically due to weather related issues. Please be understanding, as we will not leave any project unfinished including your project.


Work duration - All projects take different time intervals, ranging from days to months. When you meet with our Team member, you will receive an estimated time for project duration. 

Work completion - We do our absolute best to keep work on schedule as this is good for business and client relations.  The biggest factor regarding work completion is the weather. Rain can delay work after we start. We do our best to stay on schedule. 

Talking to workers - We encourage our Team Members to smile and be as friendly as possible to all clients. Some clients want to talk with the workers constantly and this results in a delay in work progress. Please understand, the workers are there to work, so please let them do their job. Also, we do not want clients injured by being too close to equipment.  If you need to speak with someone, just pull the Team Leader to the side (safe distance) and the Team Leader will be able to help answer any questions you might have regarding the project. 

Work area cleanup - Yes, we will remove debris from the work site and leave your property in a neat clean condition.  If you want or need something moved or removed, just ask the onsite Team Leader to do so.  We will also pressure wash walkways and driveways after project completion if needed. Some types of projects require heavy equipment and large deliveries (gravel, sod, top soil, etc). Our Team will clean when everything is completed.  We also teach our Teams to clean up extra on Friday afternoons as we do not want your property looking poorly over the weekend to your neighbors or HOA. A full clean-up is performed at the end of the project. 

Who will be onsite during the work?  In addition to the crew being onsite, the crew leader is onsite at all times.  The project supervisor will check in on the job daily to oversee progress and address any questions or concerns about the overall project. The company chief operating officer (COO) will visit the project location (Larger projects) at the very end of the project to talk with the client and to ensure client satisfaction.

Sod installation - We can install various types of sod, including Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, and more. We work with several large sod farms to provide our clients with a wide range of material options.  We do not do single pallet installs, better referred to as "patch jobs". After sod installation, please avoid cutting the grass for a minimum of  three weeks.  Mowing before the sod has fully taken root will cause problems.

Sod watering schedule - Please follow the sod watering schedule as much as possible to ensure that your new sod will survive and look wonderful. 

Day of sod installation - Watering your new sod until it is completely saturated. This should feel soggy to the touch. 

Week of sod installation - Water your lawn once in the morning and once in the afternoon. 

One week after installation - Reduce watering to once per day. 

Two weeks after installation - Resume your normal watering schedule, usually every other day or 3 times per week for most clients. 

Work scope changes - Occasionally clients will want to add something to their project as we move through development. Please consult with the Team Leader who will then call in a company supervisor. No changes will be granted unless a Team Leader or supervisor talks with a client and the client then approves the work scope change in writing. No exceptions. 

Complimentary services - We offer complimentary services that are usually performed after the project is completed. These services include sod rolling, minor irrigation adjustments, etc. These services are not part of the contracted work and are performed on a regular schedule. 

Payment due dates - There are two options for payment due dates:

1. If the project start date is less than 60 days out - A 50% down payment is due in order to schedule and hold the work start date for your landscape project. An additional 40% is due at the half-way point from the work start date and the projected work end date.  The final 10% payment is due when work has been completed.

2. If the project start date is more than 60 days out - A 10% down payment is due. 40% of the project total is due 60 days prior to the scheduled work start date. An additional 40% is due at the half-way point from the work start date and the projected work end date. The final 10% payment is due when work has been completed.

There is a 10% cancellation fee for all projects removed from the work schedule. No exceptions. 

Underground cables - We will call the appropriate authority (811) and arrange for them to mark underground cables and/or wiring before work (digging) begins on the property. If no machine digging is required for your project, no one will be called, and no on-site property markings will be required. In the event that a cable is cut, you as the account holder will have to call your provider. They will not discuss anything regarding your account with us. Most of the utility companies are very good at coming out and marking underground cables, gas lines, etc.. The TV cable providers will not provide this service to their customers, and as a result, we have to do our best to guess where these cables are located.  We try our best not to disrupt services, but these cables do get cut occasionally because they are not marked properly. If your cable is cut, please contact the cable provider immediately. 

Primary point of contact - The person who signs the Landscape Project Agreement via Docusign or in person is considered the “primary point of contact”. This person has the final say so regarding the work performed onsite. An example of why we do this is as follows: one spouse is home and approves a scope change or instructs the Team to execute work in a certain manner.  Then, the other spouse comes home and totally disagrees with the decision. We will follow the instructions of the “primary point of contact”.  If it is decided that the work performed needs to be “reversed”, then we will gladly do so, but any and all additional labor and materials will be paid for by the client. No exceptions. 

Personal conduct - If you, or anyone in your home, verbally threatens any of our onsite Team members in any way, we will stop work and leave the premises immediately. You will then need to speak with company management and convince them that it is safe for Team members to return to the worksite. This will not entitle you to a refund. Please conduct yourself in a manner that is safe for all involved. We do our best to provide a clean and safe work environment for all involved. We fully appreciate your cooperation on this topic.   

Landscape Project Agreement  - This is commonly referred to as a “contract”. You will be sent the Landscape Project Agreement via Docusign for review and signature. If preferred, we will gladly hand deliver the Landscape Project Agreement to your home for you to review and sign.  This Agreement must be finalized before any work begins onsite. 

Forms of payment - We accept checks, credit cards, and certified checks. We will even send our company runner out to pickup a check from your front door. Yes, we are that good.

Can I buy the materials? - The short answer is no. We provide all labor, equipment, and materials necessary for the completion of the project. This ensures the correct installation of your project within the allotted time frame.

What about “special order” materials? - All material that is not a stock item and must be specially ordered from a third party factory or distributor is considered a special order material. Special order materials are not returnable to the factory and are non-refundable. All special order materials must be paid for in advance prior to the materials being ordered. An example of this would be an exotic type of rock or patio paver not common in the area.

Our Information - Our office is located at 609 Ponder Place Drive, Suite B, Evans, Georgia 30809. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can contact us at the following:






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